Board members

The Board acts as a first chamber and comprises of nine people including a president, treasurer and two vice-presidents, all of whom are selected according to sector-related and regional criteria. Our Board members direct the affairs of IFOAM Organics Europe and sets detailed budgets and work programmes according to the objectives as elaborated by IFOAM Organics Europe’s General Assembly and Council. At the Board first meeting after their election at the General Assembly, they elect a President, Treasurer, Vice-President for Regulation and Vice-President for Policy.


For a list of former Board members, please read our annual reports.


IFOAM Organics Europe Board Members 2020-2023:

Jan Plagge
Marian Blom
Board Vice President
Dora Drexler
Board Vice President
Thomas Fertl
Board Member and sector representative for farming
Roberto Pinton
Board Member and sector representative for processing and trade
Michel Reynaud
Board Member and sector representative for certification
Lukas Nossol
Board Member and sector representative for retailers
Christopher Atkinson
Board Member
Aira Sevon
Board Member
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