Organic in Europe Production Retail Market Policy Rollover a country tofind out about it 0% 40% million hectares of organic land in 2022 Organic land area in 1,000 hectares Organic land use* Producers Processors *Notes Grassland refers permanent meadows and pastures is the land used permanently (five years or more) to grow herbaceous forage crops, either cultivated or growing wild. • Arable land refers the land under temporary agricultural crops and grassland. Permanent crops refers to crops sown or planted once, and then occupy the land for some years and need not be replanted after each annual harvest. • Other refers to agricultural land with unknown details or uses. • The figures used in the chart displaying retail sales per year growth chart were converted from the local currency to euro. The 1-year and 10-year percentage changes in retail sales was calculated using the local currency. Sources