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As European organic movement we are gathering existing initiatives and projects that are transforming food and farming. As frontrunner and…

They make it happen! Nature & More, a connective system for a responsible True Cost Accounting

The hidden cost of food production has a detrimental impact on our planet. Our Vision 2030 for food and farming…

They make it happen! Get inspired by ETHIQUABLE’s sustainable code of conduct

In 17 years of presence on the ground, Ethiquable measures how dedicated fair trade is able to provide an answer…

Do you contribute to transforming European food and farming? Submit your initiative & inspire!

A variety of organic and other initiatives are already revolutionizing food and farming across Europe, paving the way for the…

Mainstreaming organic plant breeding – celebrating 20 years of organic plant breeders

‘How to make organic plant breeding mainstream’ – was the guiding question of the 20th anniversary event of the organic…

Share with us your organic initiative and inspire others to transform food and farming systems!

The European organic movement’s vision is transforming food and farming in Europe. To achieve this ambitious and shared Vision for…

They make it happen! Playing a key role in the value chain: Transilvania Acasă

Organic food & farming systems aim a developing and adopting new tools to create transparency from farm to fork and…
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LIVESEED – Organic seed breeding at the Organic World Congress

The LIVESEED project, which IFOAM Organics Europe co-cordinates, is contributing to the Organic World Congress (OWC) with a colourful program.…

Boosting organic seed & breeding - Policy and stakeholder recommendations

As the LIVESEED project is coming to its end, it has released a synthesis of all its results and recommendations.…

Help us show that organic is a front-runner in transforming food & farming

To make our shared Vision for organic in 2030 a reality, we collect European initiatives that are transforming EU food…

They make it happen! Improving biodiversity with flower strip in orchards

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the current biodiversity loss we are witnessing is “the greatest…

Commission opens public consultation on the review of the seed legislation

The Commission’s Directorate General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) is reviewing the Union’s options to update the existing…

They make it happen! Preserving land for local and agroecological farming

By 2030, we want organic on every table. We want organic and agroecological practices employed on more than half of…

Our members can now provide feedback to our new internal strategy

We are working on our new internal strategy. To make sure you, our membership, have a say in this, we…

EU Commission presents options to review the common seed legislation

Following a request from Member States in 2019, the Commission has published a study on the options to update the…

They make it happen! Making good food the easy choice for everyone

Organic contributes to promoting and delivering healthy and sustainable diets. This is part of our Vision 2030 set out and…

LIVESEED webinar for Members of the European Parliament & their staff - 30 March, online

On 30 March, LIVESEED invited Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their staff to present them the outcomes of…

[Exclusive for members] Let's discuss organic hot topics

As a follow-up of the thematic sessions hosted during BIOFACH, we are bringing our members live sessions during which they…

Secondary legislation on ‘Organic Heterogenous Material’ finalized

The secondary legislation on Organic Heterogenous Material (OHM) is in the process of being finalized and soon to be published…

New router database connects Member States’ organic seed databases

A long-awaited solution for seed suppliers, European organic farmers, and national authorities arrived. The new router database will increase the…

EUCARPIA-LIVESEED Conference - Breeding and seed sector innovations for organic food systems - 8-10 March 2021, online

A conference organised by Latvian LIVESEED partner AREI to present recent scientific results in organic plant breeding took place on…

Do you have an initiative making Europe more organic? Share it with us and inspire others to transform food and farming systems!

Making Europe more organic has always been the European organic movement’s mission. Working towards this goal means leading change, believing…

Coming soon: EU router database for organic seed

The launch of the EU router database’s for organic seed is approaching! This database will : Simplify access to international…

They make it happen! Generating added value through an organic grass-fed beef quality scheme

By 2030, the European organic movement wants a fair distribution of value and power in the food supply chain, and…

Are you making Europe more organic? Share your initiative transforming food and farming systems with us and inspire others!

The organic movement is a front-runner when it comes to setting the stage for fair, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring…

They make it happen! Enriching plant genetic diversity by bringing landrace varieties back into people’s gardens and plates

Are you a researcher, producer, breeder or simply interested in organic seeds? Get inspired by the Hungarian Research Institute of…

They make it happen! Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries Educational Network protects Crete’s national heritage

All over Europe, citizens are working to make food and farming systems fairer, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring. In Greece,…

First online edition of Organic Innovation Days was a success! 24-25 November, online

On 24-25 November 2020, TP Organics, the European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming, held its annual Organic Innovation…

Lead by example! Check out inspiring initiatives from the organic sector and submit your own

Are you contributing to the transformation of European food and farming systems? Showcase your initiative at! To achieve the…

Organic breeders, share your pictures - Use #BreedingABrightFuture on Twitter

#BreedingABrightFuture is LIVESEED’s social media campaign, aiming at raising awareness about the beauty and benefits of organic plant breeding to…

They make it happen! Get inspired by Biopartner and help improve, inspire and deliver organic across Europe

Transforming European food and farming systems by 2030, the shared vision of the organic movement, means improving how we grow…

Last week to register for the Organic Innovation Days 2020 – Brought to you by TP Organics and LIVESEED - 24-25 November 2020, online

Interested in organic research & innovation to transform food & farming? Interested in organic seed & plant breeding? This is…

Welcome note October 2020 newsletter

Dear readers,  As Board Vice President of IFOAM Organics Europe and prospective member of the TP Organics Steering Committee, it…

LIVESEED: Tools and incentives for the value chain involved in organic seed

According to Article 48 of Regulation EC No 834/2007, the establishment of a national database to list all offered organic seed and…

Organic breeders, share your pictures – Use #BreedingABrightFuture on Twitter

#BreedingABrightFuture is LIVESEED’s social media campaign, aiming at raising awareness about the beauty and benefits of organic plant breeding to…

Do you have an initiative that is transforming food & farming? Share it with us to get visibility & inspire others!

To make the EU Green Deal a reality, we will need to transform food and farming. The organic movement has…

Organic Innovation Days – register now! 24-25 November, online

You can now register for the Organic Innovation Days 2020, the only EU event on research & innovation for organic,…

From vision to strategy: Develop your organisational strategy with our toolkit

Last month, we shared with you why it is useful to develop your organisation’s vision, and how you can do…

They make it happen! Get inspired by Demeter Academy and their partners’ initiative to bring organic on every table in Germany

Taking over an organic farm or setting up your own new enterprise in the organic sector can be challenging.  In…

Save the date: Organic Innovation Days 2020: A cooperation of TP Organics & LIVESEED, 24-25 November 2020, online

For this year’s Organic Innovation Days, TP Organics is partnering with the LIVESEED project, coordinated by IFOAM Organics Europe. Bringing…

Develop your own vision and strategy using our member-only toolkit

By 2030, the organic movement wants fair, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring food and farming systems across Europe. That is…

Making Europe more organic using the EcoLocal Market app

Get inspired by a Spanish app! To make the organic value chain fairer and more transparent, two women developers have…

LIVESEED workshop on vegetative propagating material – Why organic vegetative material has a long way to go compared to organic seeds

Vegetative propagation material such as seed potatoes, rootstocks and cuttings were in the spotlight of a LIVESEED workshop on 10…

LIVESEED international workshop identifies top priorities to work towards 100% organic seed

LIVESEED’s international workshop on 25-26 June put the spotlight on North-West Europe and the EU organic regulation’s implementation on organic…

Take part in the members-only webinar on our vision & strategy toolkit

Are you an IFOAM EU member who is developing a vision & strategy process for your organisation? Our new member-only toolkit can…

European Patent Office: No patents on conventionally bred varieties

On 14 May 2020, the enlarged board of appeal of the European Patent Office (EPO) has released an opinion that…

BIOFACH session on organic seed and organic heterogenous material in the New EU Organic Regulation

On 14 February, IFOAM EU organized a session on Organic Seed and organic heterogenous material in the new EU Organic Regulation at…
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