They make it happen! Enriching plant genetic diversity by bringing landrace varieties back into people’s gardens and plates

Are you a researcher, producer, breeder or simply interested in organic seeds? Get inspired by the Hungarian Research Institute of…

They make it happen! Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries Educational Network protects Crete’s national heritage

All over Europe, citizens are working to make food and farming systems fairer, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring. In Greece,…

Lead by example! Check out inspiring initiatives from the organic sector and submit your own

Are you contributing to the transformation of European food and farming systems? Showcase your initiative at! To achieve the…

They make it happen! Get inspired by Biopartner and help improve, inspire and deliver organic across Europe

Transforming European food and farming systems by 2030, the shared vision of the organic movement, means improving how we grow…

RELACS project on track despite Covid-19: First digital annual meeting - 10-12 November, online

The RELACS project’s third annual meeting took place digitally 10-12 November. It demonstrated that research in all work packages is…

Do you have an initiative that is transforming food & farming? Share it with us to get visibility & inspire others!

To make the EU Green Deal a reality, we will need to transform food and farming. The organic movement has…

From vision to strategy: Develop your organisational strategy with our toolkit

Last month, we shared with you why it is useful to develop your organisation’s vision, and how you can do…

They make it happen! Get inspired by Demeter Academy and their partners’ initiative to bring organic on every table in Germany

Taking over an organic farm or setting up your own new enterprise in the organic sector can be challenging.  In…

Replacement of copper in organic farming – First results of RELACS experiments conducted by ÖMKi

Copper is currently used as a plant protection product (PPP) and/or leaf fertilizer in organic and conventional farming in several…

Develop your own vision and strategy using our member-only toolkit

By 2030, the organic movement wants fair, environmentally conscious, healthy and caring food and farming systems across Europe. That is…

Making Europe more organic using the EcoLocal Market app

Get inspired by a Spanish app! To make the organic value chain fairer and more transparent, two women developers have…

Farm gate nutrient budgets in organic agriculture

The RELACS project partners issued practical guidelines informing farmers about assessing the main nutrient flows in and out of their…

Request for proposal: Conducting research on pesticide contamination in the environment and pesticide residues in organic food

IFOAM Organics Europe (IFOAM OE) is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming. We fight for the adoption…

Help us identifying the needs and knowledge gaps in organic fruit growing – Fill out BIOFRUITNET’s questionnaire

Plant protection against pests and diseases is a big issue for organic fruit growers, as fruit is a very sensitive…

Take part in the members-only webinar on our vision & strategy toolkit

Are you an IFOAM EU member who is developing a vision & strategy process for your organisation? Our new member-only toolkit can…

How much and which natural inputs does the organic sector need? – A lively debate during BIOFACH 2020

A lively discussion on natural inputs suitable for organic farming as well as future obstacles and opportunities for the sector’s…

The organic movement and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) call for better regulation of natural origin plant protection technologies

IFOAM EU and the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA) published a five years roadmap for collaboration to promote the uptake of…
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