Celebrating women transforming our food systems!

One day isn’t enough to do justice to the incredible work carried out by women in agriculture around the world. This International Women’s Day and beyond, let’s celebrate the women leading the transformation of our food systems!

Women farmers produce half of the world’s food
Despite this, female nutrition indicators across all age groups are worse than those of their male counterparts. Women farmers play a key role in ensuring food security, particularly in rural societies, but lack of training, insufficient access to resources, and exclusion from decision-making processes often result in their yields being up to 30% lower than men farmers’.

Closing the gender gap could raise total agricultural output in developing countries by up to 4%. The right resources could help rural women maximise economic opportunities, increase productivity, and improve food security, education and healthcare around the world, since women tend to reinvest in their households.

Organic can be part of the solution!

  • Ensures that women, who play a key role in caring for the diet of their communities, can have access to healthier, diversified and nutritious food.
  • Uses sustainable agricultural practices that avoid the use of chemical inputs like pesticides, which harm women farmers’ health.
  • Promotes knowledge-intensive practices through technical information and training, which empowers women to act autonomously and independently.

Women in organics: what’s your message for the world? For International Women’s Day, IFOAM Organics International asked some of the incredible leaders, farmers, and sustainability advocates in the organic community to share a message that matters to them. Hear from them on their dedicated blog!

This article first appeared on IFOAM – Organics International’s blog “Organic without boundaries“. We thank them for writing and sharing it with us!

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