Climate Farm Demo, a project of 1,500 pilot demo farms to increase climate smart farming

In October, the Horizon Europe Project Climate Farm Demo has started. It aims to increase, speed-up and disseminate the adoption of climate smart farming practices and tools. To reach this goal, it will set-up a network of pilot farms across Europe and associated countries.   

This network will consist of 1,500 pilot demo farms covering all European pedo-climatic areas and different agricultural sectors, from animal husbandry and mixed farming systems, to specialised arable crops and horticulture crops,  including  organic  farming. 

Climate Farm Advisors will support the pilot demo farmers to implement climate smart farming practices. Farm demo events will demonstrate technical and social innovations to the wider farming community.  

As IFOAM Organics Europe, we will facilitate knowledge sharing and the development of synergies between Climate Farm Demo and other EU projects, policy makers and flagship initiatives. Moreover, IFOAM Organics Europe will be the thematic leader of the organic sector.  

IDELE coordinates Climate Farm Demo which will run until the end of September 2029.

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