EUREKA summer consortium meeting – 15-17 June 2021, online

On 15-17 June, all EUREKA’s partners virtually met at the project’s annual meeting to update and exchange about the project’s progress.

As IFOAM Organics Europe, we are a partner in the EU Horizon 2020 project which is developing a centralised, open-source e-platform (‘EU FarmBook’) for collecting and sharing the many different types of end-user material produced by Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects. As a project partner, we engages the organic sector in developing the FarmBook.

Meet Marta, the organic persona

During the first day of the meeting, personas, fictional representations of typical users, and their user-journeys were introduced to the project partners. 16 personas representing farmers, agricultural advisors and foresters and forestry advisors were created based on user research, including both qualitative and quantitative data. Marta represents the organic farmer persona. Visit the EUREKA website to meet other personas and their user journeys.

Marta is the organic farmers persona created in the EUREKA project ©H2020 EUREKA

Next step: User tests

Each feature of the EU FarmBook platform will be connected to the persona’s needs. A user manual was presented, which will be finalized after collecting feedback from the partners. How to upload a knowledge object to feed the platform was tested and discussed in an interactive session. As a next step, user tests will take place in July/August to ensure information on the platform can be found easily, so stay tuned!

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The EUREKA project is an EU-funded action that aims to help ensure the longer-term and wider use by farmers, foresters and other rural businesses of the practical knowledge and innovative solutions that are generated by Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects. IFOAM Organics Europe’s role in the project is to make sure that the future FarmBook suits the needs of the organic actors, and to engage the organic sector in its development.


EUREKA has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 862790

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