Have your say on future EU policy options on the sustainable use of pesticides: participate in the Commission’s public consultation

The European Commission is looking for stakeholders’ feedback to design future policy options for the revision of the Sustainable Use of pesticides Directive (SUD) 2009/128/EC.

While the current SUD is a key instrument to reduce the risks and impact of pesticide on human health and the environment, very limited progress has been made in ten years, mainly due to a lack of implementation. Planned for early 2022, the new SUD legislative proposal will be one of the main tools to achieve the Farm to Fork strategy’s target of a 50% reduction in chemical pesticide use and risks by 2030.

As European organic movement, our key demands include:

  • Prioritising organic agriculture in National Action Plans implemented under the SUD;
  • Developing coherent indicators on pesticide risks, reflecting the whole plant health strategy adopted by farmers and not only pesticide use;
  • A dedicated registration process for natural substances to increase alternatives to chemical pesticides;
  • Provisions ensuring the SUD’s implementation, such as EU legally binding targets on pesticide use and risks reduction.

IFOAM Organics Europe’ contribution will also emphasise the need for effective implementation the SUD to reduce the risks of pesticide contamination of organic food.

We encourage our members to fill in the questionnaire of the public consultation on the EU Commission’s website by 12 April.

Please contact mathilde.calmels@organicseurope.bio for questions on pesticides and natural inputs. Do note that we prioritise our members’ requests. For information about what you can gain from being a member, read our membership page and contact membership@organicseurope.bio.

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