Join the “Rural Vision Week” from 22-26 March 2021 and attend our workshop on Organic Districts

From 22-26 March, the “Rural Vision Week: Imagining the futur of Europe’s rural areas“, organised by the European Network for Rural Development will take place. The event offers a unique opportunity to get involved and share your vision of sustainable rural development. IFOAM Organics Europe will contribute by organising a fringe workshop on Organic Districts and participating in a panel discussion on Green Futures.

Find out more about the concept of Organic Districts and how they are implemented in Europe and across the world by joining our fringe event “Organic Districts revitalizing Rural areas” on 25 March from 12:15-13:00 CET. Salvatore Basile, President of the International Network of Eco-Regions will share his experience of working with successfully implemented Organic Districts in Italy and worldwide for more than 15 years. He will outline the social, economic, and ecologic benefits of Organic Districts. 

On top of that, two experts will provide practical recommendations for the development and implementation of Organic Districts. They will cover the concrete steps needed for a successful implementation and explain how to reach consensus among multiple stakeholders in a participatory approach based on examples from Italy and Spain. 

Interested in joining the Rural Vision Week and getting inspired by sustainable development opportunities in rural areas? Register by 15 March.

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