More than 100 tuned in to online OK-Net EcoFeed Thematic Group meeting!

On Tuesday 26 May 2020, the Thematic Group meeting brought Innovation Groups involved in the OK-Net EcoFeed project together with external interested operational groups.

During the webinar, practical experience carried out within the OK-Net EcoFeed project were presented and supported by videos and presentations to convey the OK-Net EcoFeed’s knowledge and feed the discussion. All attendees participated with great enthusiasm, animating the debate on achieving 100% organic and regional feed for pigs and poultry.

Chairman Bram Moeskops presided over the meeting that was organised in cooperation with EURAKNOS. Participants discussed the new business area “Green protein” as a cost efficient and climate friendly system. Erik Fog and Kristian Lundgaard-Karlshøj from Denmark talked about their success on “Grass Protein – local and climate friendly” and “Green protein for pigs and poultry” respectively. 

Lindsay Whistance from the Organic Research Centre (ORC) moderated the session on the OK-Net EcoFeed practical experience in laying hens, broilers, and pigs. Mike Mallett and Jerry Alford from the Soil Association talked about the feed potential of sprouted seeds in laying hens. Lone and Lars Hedegaard and Sanna Steenfeldt (Aarhus University) explained how lactic acid bacteria might influence intestinal health in broilers while Carl Sheard with Antoine Roinsard from the French research institute of organic farming (ITAB) showed the latest results on foraging pigs on protein-rich fodder.

Concluding the meeting, Helga Willer (FiBL) introduced the Organic Farm Knowledge (OFK) platform and announced the launch of the OFK survey.

Positive feedbacks on the webinar brought up the potential and added value of online meetings. Despite the general lack of familiarity with the virtual meeting tools, a webinar is a perfect opportunity to reach a greater number of attendees, including the otherwise reluctant part of the public.

For further updates and links to the videos visit the OK-Net EcoFeed website.

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