Need inspiration communicating organic’s benefits? Members can check our updated arguments

In spring this year, we asked our membership to help us improve our database of organic’s benefits. Based on your valuable input, we updated and further developed some of your priority topics. Thanks to your input, the updated arguments database will help you strengthen your communication about how organic delivers on various topics.

What’s new? Organic’s benefits for…

On top of the above, the argument database contains updated information on CAP & rural development, Climate change & food security and GMOs & new GMOs. We continue updating these topics and will develop new topics in the coming months. Of course, we will inform our members when new content is available.

Background information

The arguments database is available for our member on the member extranet and is split into topics. Each of these topics is clustered in several sections, organising the information in a logical way: main messages, frequently asked questions, relevant position papers and scientific resources as well as communication materials like visuals, infographics and videos. 

For questions, constructive feedback and talks about collaborating on the database, please reach out to [email protected].  If you are having troubles accessing the arguments database or member extranet, please contact [email protected]

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