New rules vegetative plant reproductive material for organic production

While the new EU Organic Regulation officially entered into force on 1 January of this year, not all details were clarified at that point. This included rules of production of seedlings and other vegetative material for organic production.

In the meantime, the European Commission further clarified these rules in a so-called ‘Delegated Act’ (DA). You find the Delegated Act on the European Commission’s website.

One of these gaps with the finalization of the DA on seedlings & vegetative plant reproductive material (PRM). A new version of this DA provides the long-awaited fix for producers of vegetative PRM (including fruit trees, soft berries & ornamentals). According to this DA, all organically produced seedlings and vegetative PRM originating from conventional seed and parent plants (if no organic material is available) may be placed on the market with the organic logo. IFOAM Organics Europe views this positively since all production under certified organic conditions should be labelled as organic. Consequently, the DA will ensure the continuation of the production of seedlings and vegetative PRM under organic conditions.

This DA has been shaped by intensive exchanges between the EU Commission, the organic sector and the rapporteur in the European Parliament on the Organic Regulation, Martin Häusling.

IFOAM Organics Europe members can find a detailed description of the changes on the member’s extranet.

For more information on organic seed and IFOAM Organics Europe’s work on this issue, please contact [email protected]. IFOAM Organics Europe members can find more information on the member extranet and background materials in the arguments database on the member extranet (main messages, arguments/FAQs, visuals & videos).

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