OK-Net EcoFeed and Organic Farm Knowledge – A unique resource with tools for farmers across Europe

The online Organic Farm Knowledge platform presents scientific and practical knowledge tailored to practitioners. The platform allows for easier sharing and access of knowledge, helping farmers and advisors to become more innovative and advance towards best practices.

The core of the platform is the “toolbox”, including factsheets, guides, online calculation tools and videos. Every tool is described by metadata that helps users to find the most relevant tool addressing their needs. Metadata include the problem the tool addresses, the solution(s) it offers, a description of the tool, the theme(s) covered, the language(s) it is available in, year of release, the country of origin and information about the issuing organisation.

The platform currently compiles more than 200 tools and tackle a variety of themes. It was first launched in October 2016 by the OK-Net Arable project and extended to OK-Net EcoFeed in 2018. OK-Net Arable gathered tools on arable crops, soil quality and fertility, nutrient management, pest and disease control. OK-Net Ecofeed focusses on pigs, broilers, laying hens, feeding and ration planning and the handling of harvested feed.

Within the OK-Net EcoFeed project, ITAB recently published a video about outdoor system for fattening pigs using various combinations of forage crops.

Several European projects have expressed interest or are already committed to supplying tools on themes such as seed, plant breeding, fruit production and inputs used for organic plant protection, animal production and fertilisitation. These tools will be available soon.

Find Organic Farm Knowledge at organic-farmknowledge.org

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