Organic movement defines integrity of organic supply chain

The new EU Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 puts integrity of the organic supply chain at its core principles. However, there is no legal definition of organic supply chain integrity.

Why define integrity of the organic supply chain?
The new EU Organic Regulation bases organic production on some general principles aiming, among others, to ensure the integrity of organic products at the entire supply chain’s stages (production, processing, and distribution). On these aspects, the new organic regulation defines only the integrity of organic and in-conversion products without expanding to the definition of the entire organic supply chain’s integrity.

A movement-based effort
Following the absence of such an essential understanding, IFOAM Organics Europe’s Interest Group of Certification and Integrity (IGOC), involving affiliates with certification activities and relevant actors of the organic supply chain and beyond, developed a position paper with appropriate meaning to the organic supply chain. This position paper, recently adopted by IFOAM Organics Europe’s Council and Board members, is the outcome of many meetings, exchanges, and workshops weighing every sentence and adjusted to the most relevant definition according to the organic movement.

Organic supply chain integrity according to the organic movement
The main objective stands on explaining the ethical claim and moral expectations that carry a product labelled and marketed as organic from the fark to the fork. According to IFOAM Organics Europe “Organic supply chain integrity is based on the availability and accessibility of the certification, production system, and production data for relevant actors to monitor and maintain authenticity along the entire supply chain.”

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