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Interested in organic contaminants in recycled fertilizers? Register to RELACS webinar series! 3 March 2021 – 22 April 2021, online
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The area under organic production is growing, leading to an increased demand for nutrient sources suitable for organic agriculture. FiBL is organizing a webinar series in the frame of the RELACS project, themed “Organic contaminants in recycled fertilizers and their fate in soil-plant systems: Knowledge gathering and discussion with organic stakeholders”.

The workshop, taking place March-April 2021 in five two-hour sessions, brings together researchers in nutrient recycling and organic stakeholders.

The webinar series will be the opportunity to gather current knowledge on potential risks associated with using recycled fertilizers, learn about their fate in soil–plant systems, examine approaches for a sound risk assessment and discuss options for closing nutrient cycles between society and agriculture as well as their acceptability for organic agriculture.

Short overview of the webinar series

  • Wednesday 3 March: Introduction – Setting the scene
  • Thursday 11 March: Organic contaminants and other risks
  • Wednesday 17 March: How to recycle nutrients from household wastes and the food industry
  • Monday 12 April: How to recycle nutrients from human excreta
  • Thursday 22 April: Socioeconomy and final discussion

Register to the webinar series by emailing kurse@fibl.org.

Have a look at the workshop description and the full programme.

Visit the RELACS website to learn more and follow the latest project’s developments on Twitter and Facebook using @RELACSeu and #RELACSeu.

RELACS seeks to promote the development and adoption of environmentally safe and economically viable tools and technologies to reduce the use of external inputs in organic farming systems. IFOAM Organics Europe is responsible for the communication and dissemination of project results as well as the coordination of the science-practice-policy dialogue.

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RELACS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773431. This communication only reflects the author’s view. The Research Executive Agency is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information provided.

BEST ECONOMY forum 2021: Global players meet regional companies – 20-22 April 2021

Why is it that only the business leaders represented in Davos speak for the global economy? Where is the voice of the many dynamic entrepreneurs in all parts of the world who are already implementing solutions for our planet with a new way of doing business?

The foundation of the BEST ECONOMY forum

Initiated by conversations of the BIO hoteliers with their guests about exactly these questions, the idea to create an alternative arose. In discussions with the partner organizations Bioland and Economy for the Common Good, this idea has grown steadily. The entrepreneurs in these organizations are united by their desire to act on their own initiative, to run their businesses in an ecologically sustainable and socially just manner, and not to wait for politics – because the time to establish a new economic model is pressing. This was the impulse for the foundation of the BEST ECONOMY forum – a sustainable alternative to the World Economic Forum.

A three-day event 2019 in Bolzano laid the groundwork for a new – for a sustainable economy that truly deserves the title “sustainable“. A manifesto adopted at the event shows a clear plan to be followed over a period of 2, 5 and 10 years to achieve our global goals.

Jan Plagge, President of Bioland e.V. and IFOAM Organics Europe and one of the founders of the BEST ECONOMY forum, was overwhelmed by the number of entrepreneurs participating. “They all recognized that it is urgent time to act.” Now it is time to take the manifesto to the broadest level and implement it. And this is precisely why the BEST ECONOMY forum 2021 will take place under the motto “Take action not words!”.

According to Jan Plagge at BIOFACH 2021, the global economy and the World Economic Forum are looking for an alternative to solve global problems and are relatively clueless.

The BEST ECONOMY forum is the perfect opportunity to show that there are alternatives. The participating entrepreneurs of the BEST ECONOMY forum have been showing for years that it is possible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 1.5° target set by politics, more precisely by the United Nations (UN). What is missing are collaborations across all sectors and company sizes, as well as energetic, political decisions.

Aligning the world economy sustainably – Global players meet sustainable pioneers

To make a difference in the global economy, a broad cooperation is needed. Through the cooperation with many entrepreneurs who already make the difference now or in the near future and also the dialogue between Bioland, IFOAM Organics Europe and big players of the global economy such as Amazon Germany or Epson Europe, the economy will be changed in a sustainable, ecologically and socially compatible way.

The exchange with political decision makers is also important in this sense and planned at the BEST ECONOMY forum. Jan Plagge and many other representatives of the sustainable economy will discuss our demands for a future worth living on the last day of the event with international, national and regional politicians.

Become part of the development – for a sustainable economy in all market segments. Get in touch with other participants from a wide range of sectors, no matter whether you are a corporate group, a medium-sized company or a small business, globally, nationally or regionally. Because it is time to act: Take action not words!

You do not have a ticket yet?

With the discounted “light” ticket you get access to all our lectures and the virtual lobby. With an “all-access” ticket (including student and start-up tickets), we will also provide you with our qualified business consultants who will help you make new contacts and create realistic sustainability strategies for your own company. Because one thing we have learned from countless online congresses in recent months is that artificial matchmaking is not yet at the level we need it to be. With us, you achieve real collaborations like at a face-to-face event through targeted interaction and human contact – exclusively in your “all-access” ticket.

If you have any questions, the Best Economy Forum is of course always at your disposal. Find us at www.besteconomy.org and info@besteconomy.org.

Save the date for our European Organic Congress 2021 on 16-18 June

The 2021 edition of our European Organic Congress will take place on 16-18 June 2021, organised by IFOAM Organics Europe and our Portuguese partner Agrobio.  

As in previous editions, this year’s Congress will bring together organic stakeholders from all over Europe and offer participants the possibility to attend sessions and engage with experts on the most relevant topics related to organic food and farming. Join the 15th edition of our European Organic Congress and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of high-level speakers and moderators. 

More information and registration will follow soon. Stay tuned for updates by visiting our website and following @OrganicsEurope on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.   

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