Saying goodbye to our colleagues


Emanuele Busacca

After eleven beautiful and exciting years, Emanuele Busacca has left IFOAM Organics Europe for new adventures. Our members appreciated Emanuele’s professionalism, his in-depth knowledge of the organic regulation, and particularly his hands-on approach during the long journey that was the revision of the EU organic regulation. Emanuele has been a great colleague and an approachable mentor to many – his positive attitude and dedication to organic will be particularly missed. In September 2023, Emanuele will start working for the European Commission, in the sustainability directorate of Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI). We wish him the best of luck on this new professional endeavour!

Bram Moeskops

After more than eleven years, Bram Moeskops, Research & Innovation Manager at IFOAM Organics Europe and Senior Scientific Coordinator at TP Organics (the European Technology Platform (ETP) for Research and Innovation into Organics and Agroecology) is leaving us to become the new Director of FiBL Europe. We wish Bram the best of luck for this future challenge and will continue on his achievements of building the Research & Innovation Unit at IFOAM Organics Europe and being a major driving force behind TP Organics. Thanks to Bram’s effort, the organic movement successfully influenced the EU’s R&I policy to include organic sector priorities, and acquiring and implementing large EU research projects that helped develop the organic sector and facilitate knowledge exchange. Bram was a member of different advisory groups on EU R&I policy for food and farming and will continue to serve in the TP Organics Steering Committee. We wish him all the best and are sure our paths will still cross!

Julie Goeseels

After three years at IFOAM Organics Europe as Office Coordinator, our colleague Julie Goeseels left the organization to pursue new challenges. During her time with us, Julie has been in charge of office management, including the implementation of health safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, and HR and financial support. Julie has played a crucial role in the moving from our previous office to the Organic House in rue MarieThérèse 11. IFOAM Organics Europe’s staff, and especially the FLOEE Unit, wish Julie all the best in her future endeavours and thank her for her kindness, dedication and hard work 

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Our ESC volunteers leaving: Mar & Erica

Mar Segarra Valenzuela

Mar Segarra Valenzuela, ESC volunteer in the Research & Innovation Unit from Spain, left IFOAM Organics Europe at the end of July to dedicate her full time to practical farm work on organic farms in Belgium. We thank her for her contributions to the work of TP Organics, the European Technology Platform for Research and Innovation in Organics and Agroecology (hosted by IFOAM Organics Europe) and wish her all the best for her future!

Erica Conversano

Erica Conversano has finished her ESC project at IFOAM Organics Europe at the end of August to dedicate herself to finalising her university degree in Global Change Ecology and Sustainable Development Goals. She joined us in April with a challenging role as a volunteer in administration and optimisation of workflows, then joined the Communication unit. We are happy to having had her in our teams and we wish her a bright and successful future!

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