Saying goodbye to our colleague

Kaja Gutzen

Kaja joined IFOAM Organics Europe in July 2019 as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer. She was based at the Research & Innovation Unit where she worked for the LIVESEED project and TP Organics’ secretariat. Kaja did great work promoting LIVESEED, writing articles about the project outcomes, organising cross-visits for farmers, and contributing on topics related to organic cultivar trials. For TP Organics, she has made a lasting legacy by drafting the member engagement and communication strategies. Kaja delivered high-quality work in a very efficient and independent way. She got the opportunity to pursue her studies in organic plant breeding and has prospects on a PhD position at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. We wish her all the best in this exciting step in her career and in her life.

kaja gutzen
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