Support for French mobilisation for organic farming in CAP strategic plan

Future national CAP strategic plans are now being discussed at national level. In France, FNAB, the French organic farming organisation and IFOAM Organics Europe member, left the Superior Orientation Council (CSO) chaired by the Minister of Agriculture on 21 May 2021. They did this in protest against the first official arbitrations of the future CAP implementation.

The French Minister of Agriculture announced a significant drop in aid for organic farmers – 66% less, or an average loss of €132 per hectare and per year – by confirming that he would align organic support with weaker schemes like High Environmental Value (HVE) and not going back on the €70 per hectare arbitration made by his cabinet.

That is why FNAB mobilised organic farmers on 2 June to ask for reopening of arbitrations on organic agriculture.

As IFOAM Organics Europe, we fully supported FNAB’s call to prevent a decrease of support for organic by the French government in its future national CAP Strategic Plan. Reducing support for organic would be in complete contradiction with the European ambition to reach 25% of organic land by 2030, as defined in the EU Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies.  All Member States should ensure their CAP strategic plans reward farming systems providing more environmental benefits, in line with the EU 25% target and with the principle of public money for public goods.

Read FNAB’s article for more insights.

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