Take part in the public consultation on promotion policy and contribute to support sustainable consumption

This year the European Commission earmarked an unprecedented share of €49 million to promote organic production and consumption in the promotion policy budget. This is an important and concrete step in the right direction and needs to be maintained in the following years to achieve the goals set out by the European Green Deal. Indeed, promotion policies for organic food products are likely to play a decisive role in reaching Europe’s goal of 25% organic land in 2030.

Help shape the future of promotion policies

The European Commission has recently published its public consultation on promotion policies. It is a questionnaire and follow up to the roadmap on the same topic. Both initiatives strive to receive as much feedback as possible from relevant stakeholders (to gather feedback from stakeholders and citizens on a certain topic, the European Commission first publishes a rather generic roadmap, and then a more specific public consultation with a questionnaire).

The deadline to fill in the questionnaire of the public consultation is 23 June. IFOAM Organics Europe’s feedback to the roadmap is publicly available on the Commission’s website.

Submit a proposal

IFOAM Organics Europe encourages a wide participation to the call for proposals on promotion policies to ensure a continuous and increasing promotion of organic and sustainable agricultural practices.

This year’s call for promotion policy proposals is still open until 11 May, 17:00 CEST. IFOAM Organics Europe’s members find all the important info on our member extranet. For information about what you can gain from being a member, read our membership page and contact membership@organicseurope.bio.

If you have any questions on proposals or the public consultation on promotion policies, please do contact silvia.schmidt@organicseurope.bio. Please do note that we prioritise our members’ requests.

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