The debate about new GMOs in Europe: Our Policy Coordinator in conversation with Slow Food Europe

In their podcast series on European food and farming policies, Slow Food Europe brings together experts to discuss hot matters in Brussels. The first episode of the series covers new GMO, specifically the recent European Commission’s study concerning the status of new genomic techniques under Union law and in light of the Court of Justice ruling in Case C-528/16.

Martin Sommer, IFOAM Organics Europe’s Policy Officer on GMOs, Patent and Seeds, discusses the latest developments on the subject, covering historical and current context of GMOs and new genomic techniques, their impact, and the current discussion’s relevance to the Commissions’ report. Rather tellingly, Martin elaborates on how organic farming is GMO-free and reminds about the necessity of precautionary measures when it comes to introducing organisms into the environment.

Tune in to discover why the Commission’s report is not adequately addressing citizens and consumers’ perspective on this hot topic. Other reflections on the subject are discussed by Elisa d’Aloisio, peasant farmer at the European Coordination Via Campesina who holds a PhD in genetics and practical expertise in GMOs, and Madeleine Coste, Policy Officer at Slow Food Europe.

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New episodes of the podcast series are released every two-months on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

For more information on the organic food and farming movement’s position on the study, read our press release.

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