They make it happen! Nature & More, a connective system for a responsible True Cost Accounting

The hidden cost of food production has a detrimental impact on our planet. Our Vision 2030 for food and farming is of a fair, environmentally conscious, healthy, and caring system widely adopted in Europe. As movement and sector we are already leading the way towards its goals, together with food and farming actors across Europe.

In the Netherlands, Eosta developed Nature & More, an innovative system which enables a transparent connection between consumers and (organic) growers. The Nature & More trace & tell system products include a code, which, when entered on the website, provides complete information about the farmer’s operation and efforts, including images and video.               

Through the integrated sustainability model, Nature & More shows the impact of the production in 6 categories: Climate, Water, Soil, Biodiversity, Health and Social Coherence. In many cases, the system calculates the value of these impacts in terms of money, the so-called True Cost Accounting. In this way it allows consumers to compare the impacts of organic food with non-organic food and make responsible choices.

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