Welcoming our colleagues

Alba Saez Fernandez

Alba describes themselves as a versatile person with many interests and experiences. Besides having experience as a microbiologist and laboratory engineer, they have a MSc in Agroecology, over 3 years of experience as a project coordinator and over 10 years of experience as a singer and dancer. The projects they have managed revolve around sustainable production and consumption of food, as well as music and dance. They are joining IFOAM Organics Europe as a R&I project coordinator.

Clara Garrone

Clara is an agronomic engineer specialised in rural development and sustainable food systems. After her experience at the Municipality of Mouans-Sartoux (France) as coordinator of the EU funded project BioCanteens#2, she is now happy to join IFOAM Organics Europe. Though her work, she will take care of the business development of the company, ensuring sponsorships and partnerships to further support IFOAM’s Organics Europe’s actions.

Gustavo Ribeiro Gonçalves

Gustavo is a Brazilian accountant who has been working in the accounting/financial field in Brazil for 8 years. At IFOAM Organics Europe, he will be working as Finance and Office Administration Assistant.. Gustavo is thrilled to start his new adventure in Brussels, the European capital.

Maria Zintl

Maria is excited to start with IFOAM Organics Europe. She will be working mainly in the field of inputs, and supporting in organic textiles and regulations. For the last years, Maria has been working with Kiwa BCS Öko Garantie, as certifier for organic production and processing, and scheme manager for the implementation of the EU Organic Regulations in countries outside the EU. Before that, she worked for one year at the Julius Kühn-Institut, a German research centre on crops, where she did desktop research on alternatives to chemical crop protection. In her free time, she likes going out with friends, sings in a choir and goes horseback riding, but also enjoys spending time on her own, on her balcony or couch, reading novels.

Stefano Orsini is an agricultural scientist with more than 10 years of research in agricultural economics and policy. After getting a PhD in Italy, he worked in the UK for two NGOs where his interest in organic farming grew. He is very happy to be the new Research & Innovation Manager at IFOAM, and very much looking forward to contributing to making European agriculture more sustainable and organic with research. 

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Nidhi Kaveri

Nidhi is a master’s student in Agricultural Economics at the University of Hohenheim, Germany. She has joined IFOAM Organics Europe in July thanks to the European Solidarity Corps program, which allows young people like her to dedicate her knowledge, passion and time to the field of sustainability. She is enthusiastic to gain new skills, perspectives and experiences that will benefit both her career and personal development. She describes herself as a driven individual with a never-say-die attitude who is always eager to learn and experience new things. She is happy to be part of the Projects & Partnership team as ESC volunteer at IFOAM Organics Europe and will bring a young contribution to the Organic House!

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