Green claims & preventing greenwashing

Alternative methodologies needed to assess environmental performance of food & textiles products

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Pesticide regulation under attack

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New position paper on sustainability labelling & Planet-score

Why PEF is ill-suited for assessing the environmental impact of agri-food products

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GMOs do not fit the Farm to Fork Strategy

Future-proof agriculture = nature-based systemic solutions

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Put sustainable school meals on EU agenda

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Plant health care in organic farming

A system approach preventing inputs

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Navigate the labyrinth of organic’s new legal framework

Our guide will run you through the new EU Organic Regulation

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What we do

IFOAM Organics Europe is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming. For 20 years, we have been and continue representing organic in European policymaking and advocating for a transformation of food and farming. Our work is based on the principles of organic agriculture – health, ecology, fairness and care. With almost 200 members in 34 European countries, our work spans the entire organic food chain.
We are turning 20 in 2022, IFOAM – Organics International is turning 50, IFOAM Asia is turning 10. Celebrate the Year of Organics with us!

Organic news

Press release

Green claims: better methodologies to assess environmental performance of food & textiles products

BRUSSELS, 29 NOVEMBER 2022 – IFOAM Organics Europe welcomes news about the Commission’s decision to postpone the publication of the…

Press conference: EU pesticide reduction under fierce attack

In June 2022, the EU Commission presented a legislative proposal on the “sustainable use of plant protection products” (SUR), which…

Political Hotspot - November 2022

The legislative process of revising the EU’s pesticide legislation, the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR), is full of hurdles,…

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