IFOAM Organics Europe is currently looking for two new colleagues: 

  • Research & Innovation Manager – deadline for application: 11 June 2023;
  • Policy Coordinator on inputs & organic textiles –  deadline for application: 25 June 2023.

We will only consider applications using the form. All vacancies listed are for to be filled in at our Brussels office. If exceptions apply, this will be explicitly stated in the vacancy description. 

Research & Innovation Manager

The Research & Innovation Unit of IFOAM Organics Europe promotes knowledge exchange and engages organic actors in participatory research to help develop the sector. The unit has ample experience in translating research outcomes into recommendations for policymakers and practitioners. The work is financed by projects of the Horizon framework programme of the EU. The Research & Innovation Manager is responsible for the supervision of the staff in the unit and acquisition of new projects.


Management (70%) 

  • Supervise staff, give input and support them in the implementation of their respective projects. For a complete overview of the projects currently implemented by the Research & Innovation Unit, consult our website:
  • Depending on the role of IFOAM Organics Europe in the project, and your own interest, implement certain project tasks yourself
  • Control quality of work and reports delivered by staff
  • Plan use of resources (staff costs and purchase costs) in the projects
  • Control quality of financial reports prepared by the financial consultant
  • Stimulate team spirit, promote collaboration within the unit and with other units of the organisation
  • Appraise staff, assess needs and expectations for development and training
  • Participate in the Management Committee, support the overall development of IFOAM Organics Europe
  • Participate in the management of TP Organics, the European Technology Platform for Organic Food and Farming, see

Project acquisition (30%)

  • Develop and implement a coherent strategy for project acquisition
  • Ensure financial stability of the R&I Unit
  • Stay up to date about trends and developments in the organic and wider agriculture sector. Integrate these trends in the project acquisition strategy
  • Coordinate new project applications led by IFOAM Organics Europe
  • Explore opportunities for joining project applications coordinated by other organisations
  • Negotiate budget and tasks in new project applications


Policy Coordinator on inputs & organic textiles

The Policy Coordinator for inputs & organic textiles will efficiently and professionally coordinate the activities of IFOAM Organics Europe in the agriculture and environmental fields, with a focus on natural inputs and pesticides (including the review of the sustainable use of pesticides Regulation), and organic textiles, including the organisation of events, advocacy, campaigning and coordination of other policy tasks.

This can be an office or an in-house consultant position. If the latter, the candidate needs to be based in Europe and be able to travel to Brussels – at times at short notice.


Coordination of IFOAM Organics Europe activities in the fields of inputs, particularly pesticides and fertilisers, including the revision of the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR) (80%)

  • Research, identify and analyse relevant legislative developments in the environmental and agriculture policy fields, with a focus on natural inputs and the SUR
  • Draft IFOAM Organics Europe position papers and advocacy material, as well as press releases and articles for both external and internal communication
  • Analyse feedback from IFOAM Organics Europe members and integrate results of internal consultations into positions
  • Effectively communicate policy activities and political developments to IFOAM Organics Europe internal structures and members
  • Liaise with researchers to develop studies to support the advocacy work
  • Contribute to the fundraising for the relevant policy activities
  • Contribute to the coordination and implementation of IFOAM Organics Europe projects
  • Represent IFOAM Organics Europe at external events if requested

Coordination of IFOAM Organics Europe activities aimed at protecting the credibility of organic & the need for an organic label in the textile sector (20%)

  • Implement the advocacy strategy plan arising from IFOAM Organics Europe position paper “Organic Textile – protecting the credibility of the organic label” published in July 2022, in cooperation with the policy associate manager
  • Implement the advocacy strategy which includes working on the EU strategy for sustainable textiles and other relevant initiatives linked to textiles
  • Develop the internal advocacy strategy for organic textiles as of 2024, together with the policy associate manager
  • Liaise and network with relevant partners, NGOs, other stakeholders, as well as policymakers
  • Prepare, attend, take minutes, and follow up on relevant meetings and events
  • Implement project reporting and monitoring of activities
  • Organise conferences and external events, if required
Benefits of working at IFOAM Organics Europe


Sorry, there are no open positions for ESC volunteers. We generally publish a new call for volunteers every year in spring. However, it happens that we have additional vacancies throughout the year. Stay tuned for future opportunities by following us on on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram

About the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) & Erasmus+ traineeship

IFOAM Organics Europe does not offer internships. As we do like to offer young people the opportunity to gain experience at the heart of the European organic movement, we recruit volunteers for up to 11 months. We usually issue a call for volunteers each spring.

Volunteering as part of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) provides young people with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through a full-time volunteering activity in a foreign country for up to one year. Young volunteers can develop new skills and improve their personal, educational and professional development. More information about ESC is available on the European Solidarity Corps website.

Erasmus+ funds the ESC (previously European Voluntary Service, or EVS).

Erasmus+ supports traineeships (work placements, internships, etc) abroad for students currently enrolled in higher education institutions in Programme countries at Bachelor and Master level as well as for doctoral candidates. These opportunities are also open to recent graduates.

By doing a traineeship abroad in Programme or Partner countries with Erasmus+, you can improve not only your communication, language and inter-cultural skills, but also soft skills highly valued by future employers, as well as become more entrepreneurial.


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Testimonials from volunteers

“You’d like to do something practical, with a visible impact, and to get to know the heart of Europe, policy making and lobbying work, the organic movement, like-minded people, new languages and cultures, including the broad diversity of Belgian beer, and – not least – yourself better? Volunteering at IFOAM Organics Europe offers you all that – and much more. It’s a rich experience that allows you to participate in making food and farming in Europe more sustainable, and to gain practical experiences and skills in the European organic sector – from advocacy for organic research, innovation and practice to new communication tools and a hands-on farm stay. For me, it was the first time that I was living abroad for so long – a big step that my colleagues and EVS network made a lot easier. I can only encourage you to do it, and to make the most of it. It’s a unique opportunity to grow, gain new perspectives and friends and get to know yourself and your capabilities and interests better. Not only did I feel very welcome in the multicultural and multilingual EU capital where almost everyone comes from somewhere else, but I could also profit from the numerous events the vibrant city has to offer year-round. Ultimately, my EVS made me more political, active and empathetic – in other words, fit for the challenges of the future.”

Maria Gernert (DE)
Former volunteer in the Research&Innovation Unit

“Volunteering at IFOAM Organics Europe is a truly rewarding experience, both on a professional and personal level. Get to know this vibrant city of Brussels, meet inspiring people, drink beers (a lot!), learn more about organic agriculture and EU legislation and develop a wide range of skills! Knowledge and friendships are awaiting!”

Bérénice Cau (FR)
Former volunteer in the Projects & Fundraising Unit

“I did not know much about IFOAM Organics Europe when I saw the ESC vacancy, but I shared its values of protecting biodiversity, caring for nature and fairness in the food production processes. During my volunteering I learned a lot about the organic sector and, being based in Brussels, I gained a better understanding of European Union’s institutions and importance of advocacy work.”

Katarina Šeme (SI)
Former volunteer in the Communication Unit - 2019/2020

“Volunteering at IFOAM Organics Europe is an excellent opportunity to gain more in-depth understanding of the organic sector and the impact of EU legislation. Working in the communication team has taught me the importance and power of the messages we share to make Europe more organic. Beside the knowledge I gain, the vibrant city of Brussels is full of inspiring, smart and interesting people who enrich and refine my experience even more.”

Triin Viilvere
Former volunteer at IFOAM Organics Europe
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