20 years anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of making Europe more organic at the heart of the EU

This year, the European organic movement will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Together with IFOAM – Organics International’s 50th and IFOAM Asia’s 10th anniversary, 2022 will also mark the Year of Organics.

Following the recognition of organic as a political tool and part of the solution to current societal challenges – foremost the climate and biodiversity crises – the Year of Organics comes at the perfect time. Now more than ever we need to stay together and emphasize the critical contribution organic can make to transforming our food and farming systems, a change that is urgently needed.

Thanks to the tireless effort of organic farmers, processors, retailers, certifiers and other organic stakeholders, the organic sector has grown exceptionally over the past decades. This is testament to producers, consumers and policy-makers alike understanding and appreciating the environmental and societal benefits of organic food and farming.

As the European organic movement, we would like to take our 20th anniversary and the Year of Organics as an opportunity to thank our network across Europe, staff, supporters, decision-makers and like-minded organisations for contributing to making our Vision 2030 a reality. Together, let’s look back at our past achievements and challenges lying ahead to build a European food and farming system that promotes Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care and protects people and the planet.

We will organise a range of celebratory activities across Europe throughout 2022 to celebrate organic. Check our website, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to stay tuned. We look forward to celebrating with many of you digitally or in person!

In the coming weeks and months, we will collect wishes from our members and network. You will find them here.

In the meantime, have a look at some of our highlights of the past year. Among others, we celebrated EU Organic Day on 23 September 2021, sucessfully organised our European Organic Congress 2021 and Organic Food Conference 2021, participated in the first digital edition of BIOFACH and set out our demands for the new EU Organic Action Plan to further develop organic farming.

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EU Organic Day on 23 September 2021
AGRI Commissioner at EU Organic Day on 23 September 2021
IFOAM Organics Europe wishes you a healthy, ecological, fair & caring EU Organic Day
IFOAM Organics Europe President Jan Plagge at OFC2021
IFOAM Organics Europe's past, present & future work
IFOAM Organics Europe's demans for the new Organic Action Plan - Horizon Europe budget
IFOAM Organics Europe's demans for the new Organic Action Plan - EU Organic Day
IFOAM Organics Europe's demans for the new Organic Action Plan - National Organic Action Plans
IFOAM Organics Europe at digital BIOFACH 2021
IFOAM Organics Europe at digital BIOFACH 2021
CAP reform - National target for organic land in strategic plans
IFOAM Organics Europe demanding 'Public money for public goods'
Save the bees & farmers 2021
IFOAM Organics Europe's publication on 'EU food & farming policy', & food security'
IFOAM Organics Europe demanding a ''Green Recovery'
Portuguese Minister for Agriculture at EOC2021
Panel on organic farming & climate change at EOC2021
IFOAM Organics Europe's brand new website was launched in summer 2021
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