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IFOAM Organics Europe represents organic in European policymaking. The EU institutions recognise us as the voice of organic in the EU. To make sure our voices continue to be heard, we need your support!

In 2017, 13 million hectares of the EU’s land were cultivated organically – more than 7% of the EU’s cultivated land. Between 2012-2017, organic land increased by 25%. Between 2007-2017, organic production in Europe grew by 70%, reflecting the sector’s increasing importance.

Organic food and drinks have proven themselves to be the source of considerable profits in the EU, contributing to a lucrative market that in 2017 was worth 34.3 billion EUR and accounted for the 37% of the global market share. [Source: European Commission (2019). Organic farming in the EU. A fast-growing sector.]

By supporting IFOAM Organics Europe, you ensure that this growth is in line with the four principles of organic.

What is in it for you? Among the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Have your name associated with an international organisation shaping the future of organic food and industry in Europe;
  • Have your logo, company profile and/or CEO quote displayed on our brand-new website with more than 100,000 visitors a year, in our newsletters going out to more than 2,400 organic practitioners, and/or our social media with more than 7,200 followers on Twitter and Facebook and more than 4,500 followers on LinkedIn*
  • and much more!

How can you help? You can

  • Contribute to our core work by becoming a sponsor;
  • Sponsor for a specific cause – our Developing Organic projects – concentrating your means on a topic you care about;
  • Sponsor our events.

Does none of the above solutions seem right for you? Consider in-kind agreements.
Interested in supporting us? Want more details? Drop us a line at SupportUs@organicseurope.bio.

* Do note that your visibility will change according to the sponsorship package you chose

Our core work: Sponsor IFOAM Organics Europe

Are you convinced that EU organic should develop in line with the four principles of organic agriculture? Are you an advocate for the organic movement’s Vision 2030?

Consider becoming an IFOAM Organics Europe sponsor. By doing so, you contribute to IFOAM Organics Europe’s day-to-day activities. More than ever, what we do is crucial for the ensuring organic’s representation with the EU institutions. In its new Farm to Fork Strategy, the Commission calls for 25% of organic in the EU.

By sponsoring us, you make our organic voice stronger.

Email SupportUs@organicseurope.bio to learn about the different sponsorship options.

Targeted sponsorship: Developing Organics

‘Developing Organics’ is the term we use for work on specific important issues. Our first and ongoing Developing Organic project is called “Pesticide use and contamination: ensuring a favourable environment for organic operators through EU legislative frameworks.

We launched a call interested parties to join and support the initiative in November 2019. We currently have 17 sponsors and 1 supporter. The call for sponsors has now closed.

Are you passionate about a subject that should get more attention at EU-level? Reach out to SupportUs@organicseurope.bio to find out how we can help you.

Visibility at events

Are you keener on targeting your contributions to the movement? Consider visibility at one of our events.

Every year we organise our political, high-level European Organic Congress. The Congress is well-attended by policymakers and the European organic movement and sector. Depending on how you chose to support the Congress, you gain visibility with 200-300 participants active in the organic movement and/or more than 85.000 website visitors and 5.000 social media followers – all potential partners and/or consumers!

Or would you prefer to be visible with organic food companies? In that case you could consider sponsoring the Organic Food Conference. 60% of attendees are active in organic certification, processors, retail and trade. Depending on the sponsor package you chose, you gain access to 150 fellow professionals in organic food processing and/or more than 85.000 website visitors and 5.000 social media followers.

Contact our Events Officer Asta at asta.donielaite@organicseurope.bio for all details.

In kind agreements

Does your organic company or organisation not have the means for financial donations? We are open to alternative means of support.

For example, you can

  • Share your high-resolution photos of organic production, processing, research and more with us. We can amplify the visibility of your images in our publications and social media – accrediting you, of course;
  • Send the organic products you produce. We are happy to give them visibility to a European audience at our sector and policymaking events; or
  • Sponsor a specific goodie showing your company and IFOAM Organics Europe

If you share your photos and/or products with us, we are happy to give you visibility – at our events, on our online platforms or on our website. We are happy to discuss what suits you.

Do you have other ideas about how we can make Europe more organic together? Reach out to SupportUs@organicseurope.bio to come to a concrete agreement.

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