2024 EU elections – Organic movement’s manifesto

Organics Europe hereby presents a manifesto that articulates a vision for vibrant European rural areas where agriculture is sustainable, resilient, and just. Organic farming stands at the heart of this vision, embodying practices that are not only environmentally beneficial but also economically viable.

Organic is part of the solution to the challenges confronting European agriculture today. It is a sector marked by growth and resilience, with nearly 420,000 organic producers across the EU and retail sales reaching €45 billion in the EU. Organic farming is well known by EU consumers, and it is the only legally defined and certified sustainable food production system.

As such, the European Green Deal acknowledges organic agriculture as playing an important role in the transition to a sustainable food system in Europe. Beyond its environmental benefits—such as enhancing biodiversity, sequestering carbon, and fostering soil health—organic farming brings substantial socio-economic advantages such as revitalizing rural economies, creating employment, and promoting healthier lifestyles. For instance, the Food and Agriculture Organisation confirmed that a 10% demand shift from conventional to organic farming is expected to result in a net gain of almost 44.000 jobs. In addition to its proven environmental benefits, organic also has the potential to boost employment in rural areas, helping to revitalise rural economies across Europe. Stronger rural economies will result in increased food security, protecting Europe from geopolitical shocks that affect food supply and demand.

Current farmers’ protests and ensuing political discussions highlight the need to address legitimate concerns about unfair pricing and competition in European agriculture without misdirecting frustrations against environmental legislation. The objectives laid out in the European Green Deal are essential yet often wrongly blamed for the struggles of farmers, as most environmental legislation was blocked or diluted with minimal impact on farmers to date.
This misdirection as well as the focus on techno-fixes overshadows the broader systemic issues, such as the need for fairer compensation and support for farmers, particularly those transitioning to truly sustainable practices.

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