European Organic Day 2024

Showing the strength and excellence of European organic, every year on 23 September

23 Sep
23 Sep

What is EU Organic Day?
23 September, EU Organic Day, the ideal opportunity to widely celebrate the organic sector and to evaluate Europe’s progress towards achieving its goal of 25% organic land by 2030.

Officially launched in 2021 by the European Parliament, the Commission, and the Council of the European Union, this day represents the occasion to, among others, assess trends in consumer demands, continue raising awareness of organic in the supply chain and finally, define new targets for the future of organic in Europe.

As European organic movement, we celebrate this day and use it to raise awareness of organic and its benefits. For two years, many of our members joined us celebrating organic online and also organised their own events celebrating in the spirit of organic’s principles of Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care.

Why EU organic Day?
The launch of the annual EU Organic Day follows up on the Action Plan for the development of organic production, adopted by the Commission on 25 March 2021, which announced the creation of such a day to raise awareness of the characteristics and benefits of organic production.

The Action Plan aims at stimulating organic production and consumer demand for organic products, for this reason, together with the EU Organic Awards, the EU Organic Day marks a moment of high purpose for organic in Europe.




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