OEYE activities by BEING ORGANIC in EU

10 Jul
10 Jul

Being Organic Mind Mingle & Excursions

The BEING ORGANIC in EU project introduces this year’s participants of the Organics Europe Youth Event to two exclusive networking and learning opportunities on 8 & 10 July.

Being Organic Mind Mingle – a competitive networking meet-up not to be missed 

Just before the official start of the Organics Europe Youth Event, attendees are invited to join our special networking meetup ‘Being Organic Mind Mingle’ by the Being Organic in EU project to show their expertise in organic. The meetup will support OEYE participants to get to know each other, meet our honoured speakers, learn key facts about organic, and bring some creative ideas on promoting organic and, of course, win some presents! See the full programme below! 

Dive into the local organic food production on our field trips

The BEING ORGANIC in EU project offers this year’s field visits following the event complimentary to all participants. Each excursion will highlight inspiring sustainable practices in organic food production. Event participants can optionally join one of the two field trips to visit:

ANDRIANI SPA factory in Gravina in Puglia

The Andriani project was born in 2009 with a precise idea: innovate the production and marketing of pasta, creating a naturally gluten-free product, healthy and unique flavour, with a variety of new ingredients (rice, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, lentils and peas). Product and process innovation has always characterized the management approach of the Andriani Group, which has always combined competitiveness with sustainability.  Founding members are the brothers Michele and Francesco, sons of Felice Andriani, who have inherited the know-how of over 40 years of experience gained in the milling industry and in particular, in the design, construction, assembly and maintenance of the main traditional pasta factories in Italy.

Cuonzo Organic Farm olive oil mill in Bitonto

Cuonzo Organic Farm is a family business farm with around 30 hectares of olive groves, immersed in the hilly area of Bitonto, always considered “city of oil”. The ancient palmento* of the seventeenth century company was equipped with 3 granite millstones and the varieties ‘Ogliarola’ and ‘Coratina’ were selected to produce an oil that reflects the great passion and love of the owner Franco for this land. In 2010 Letizia, Franco’s daughter, joined him in running the company and together they decided to marry the philosophy of organic farming to offer their customers a highest quality natural product. The traditional crusher in 2017 was replaced by a proto-reactor to which is added a photovoltaic power plant.

The palmento is a large and shallow tank with brick or concrete walls, or even dug into the waterproof rock, used in Southern Italy for wine musts crushing and fermentation.

Please find the detailed schedule of the two excursions below.

The field visits will be executed in English language. The field visits are scheduled to return to Bari by 15:00. Accommodation is not included in the optional excursion.


08 Jul
Introduction & team formation
QUIZ ‘Show your organic expertise!’
QUIZ answers check
Simulation game ‘Organic in spotlight!’
‘Organic in spotlight!’ ideas presentation
Final score count - vote for your favourite idea!
10 Jul
Excursion 1: ANDRIANI SPA factory
Departure from CIHEAM Bari campus and transfer to Andriani
Welcome and company presentation
Visit of the production plant and work organization
Visit of the Spirulina Apulia Kundi Plant
Local product and pasta tasting
Departure from the company and stop at Bari airport
Arrival at CIHEAM Bari
10 Jul
Excursion 2: Cuonzo Organic Farm olive oil mill
Departure from CIHEAM Bari campus and transfer to Cuonzo Organic Farm
Welcome and general presentation of the Company
Visit to the olive grove
Visit to the historic olive oil mill
Visit to the proto-reactor
Organic products and oil tasting
Departure from the company and stop at Bari airport
Arrival at CIHEAM Bari
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