Sustainable food Summit

The summit will focus on sustainable ingredients, food waste, marketing developments and sustainability initiatives. For the first time, the summit will look at approaches to reduce food losses in the supply chain as well as waste at consumer level.

What are the implications of COP21 on the European food industry? What developments are occurring in sustainable seafood and livestock production? What can food companies and retailers do to minimise food losses? How can consumers be encouraged to undertake sustainable purchases and responsible consumption? This new edition will address such questions in a high-level forum.

Since 2009, the Sustainable Foods Summit has been discussing leading issues the food industry faces concerning sustainability and eco-labels, such as Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, etc. The aim of the Sustainable Foods Summit is to explore new horizons for eco-labels and sustainability in the food industry by discussing key industry issues.

Organised by Organic Monitor, the Sustainable Foods Summit is a climate-neutral event. The carbon footprint of the summit will be determined by calculating the carbon and greenhouses gases.

For more information:
visit the summit website
contact the organizers at [email protected] or via phone call on (44) 20 8567 0788

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