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Official letters

Serious concerns about the EU Commission proposal on New Genomic Techniques

The European Commission has launched a proposal for the (de-)regulation of new genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or New Genomic Techniques…

Joint open letter on the need to publish the EU legislative framework for Sustainable Food Systems before the end of this Commission’s mandate

Brussels, 6th September 2023 Dear President von der Leyen, We, the undersigned organisations, and distinguished academics, are writing once again…

25 July AGRIFISH Council exchange of views on the Commission’s proposal on NGTs

Re: 25 July AGRIFISH Council exchange of views on the Commission’s proposal on NGTs Dear Agriculture Minister, On 25 July…

Prevent patented GM seeds in Europe resulting from reform of EU GMO regulation

We are writing to express our concerns about a possible flood of patented seeds entering the EU market as a…
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Factsheets and manuals

Global Safety & Risk Assessment Protocol for New Genomic Technologies

The environmental release and widespread production and consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) since the mid-1990s has raised serious ecological,…
Reports and studies
GMOs Seeds

Sustainability in organic breeding. Improving the entire system or adjusting some genes?

Sustainability in organic breeding. Improving the entire system or adjusting some genes? is a briefing providing an overview of the…
Press releases

Policymakers should respect the organic movement's choice not to use NGTs

BRUSSELS, 30 NOVEMBER 2023 – Speaking at an online press conference this morning, Jan Plagge, President of IFOAM Organics Europe,…

European Parliament should uphold ban for all NGTs in organic in rapporteur's report

BRUSSELS, 19 OCTOBER 2023 – IFOAM Organics Europe, the voice for organic food and farming in Europe, is strongly against…

Organic and agroecological farming are the best guarantee for long-term food security

Brussels, 5 September 2023 – At today’s high-level expert webinar “Safeguarding long-term food security“, TP Organics, the European Technology Platform…

Organic sector calls on agriculture ministers to prioritise agroecological innovation over techno-fixes

BRUSSELS, 1 SEPTEMBER 2023 – IFOAM Organics Europe urges Agriculture Ministers to uphold a systemic approach of innovation and sustainability…

NGT proposal a step backward for biosafety, freedom of choice and consumers’ information

BRUSSELS, 5 JULY 2023 – IFOAM Organics Europe considers the Commission’s proposal to deregulate “New Genomic Techniques” (NGTs) as misguided,…

European organic movement resolution: No hidden GMOs, system-based approach to innovation

BRUSSELS, 22 JUNE 2023 – In a resolution adopted yesterday at its General Assembly, the European organic movement re-affirms that organic…

Jan Plagge re-elected President of IFOAM Organics Europe

BRUSSELS, 21 JUNE 2023 – At today’s General Assembly, IFOAM Organics Europe’s membership elected a new Board and Jan Plagge…

IFOAM Organics Europe & Diversified Communications partner to support organic market growth

BRUSSELS, 07 MARCH 2023 – We are excited to announce that IFOAM Organics Europe, the European umbrella organisation for organic…

EU organic movement warns against greenwashing

BRUSSELS, 13 FEBRUARY 2023 – IFOAM Organics Europe warns against the misuse of claims, labels, or communication initiatives about food…
Position papers

Management of Pesticide Residues in Organic Products

Read this Position Paper in ENGLISH – BULGARIAN In Europe (and worldwide), we currently largely rely on conventional agricultural systems,…

IFOAM Organics Europe’s recommendations on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR)

Read this Position Paper in ENGLISH – BULGARIAN IFOAM Organics Europe welcomes the European Commission’s proposal on the revision of…
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