All techniques of genetic modification must be regulated

Organic farming is GMO-free per definition but is endangered by the development of new techniques of genetic modification. If their legal status was at stake for a long time, the decision of the European Court of Justice clarified that new genetic engineering techniques give GMOs and must be regulated as GMOs. Biotech companies are now pushing for the reopening of Directive 2001/18 so new techniques would be deregulated. Such a situation would be unacceptable for the organic sector. To remain GMO-free it is crucial to give the tools to the organic sector to remain GMO free.

To better understand what is at stake and the position of the organic sector, IFOAM Organics Europe created a leaflet available in all European official languages: [BG] [CZ] [DK] [DE] [EE] [EL] [EN] [ES] [FI] [FR] [HR] [HU] [IT] [LT] [LV] [MT] [NL] [PL] [PT] [RO] [SI] [SK] [SV]

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