Video: Organic approach to plant health care and pesticides regulation

“Organic approach to plant health care and pesticides regulation” explains the organic approach to plant health care, gives insights into the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR), and explains what policy makers need to do to reach the reduction goals set by the EU Green Deal’s Farm to Fork strategy.

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Updates on the SUR 

In February 2024, the European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen announced in a concession to farmers, after weeks of protests across Europe, that the Sustainable use of Pesticides Regulation (SUR) will be shelved. The regulation which was first tabled in June 2022 aimed to curb pesticide use by half by 2030.

While this move was not unexpected, it was shocking nevertheless for proponents of stricter rules on pesticides, including IFOAM Organics Europe, because it marks yet another piece of the EU Farm to Fork strategy being scrapped. Notably, it is seen as undermining the hard-won gains made through the EU Green Deal to meet the bloc’s ambitious climate ambitions and protect biodiversity.

The Commission justified the withdrawal of SUR on the grounds that it constitutes “a symbol of polarisation”. The decision comes on the heels of a decision in the European Parliament back in November to reject SUR, and a vote against a proposal to send it back to the parliamentary committee. In expert circles it was already considered dead back then.

A new draft of the legislation is not expected any time soon.

Against this background, currently there is only one solution to actively reduce the use of synthetic pesticides in the EU: to have more organic food on our plates. Buying and eating organically farmed products is an active contribution to reducing the use of pesticides.

Learn about organic’s system approach ensuring healthy ecosystems and why organic farming does not use synthetic pesticides.

Find out more about the pesticide load in conventional versus organic food.

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