BIOFRUITNET project ending: Stronger networks in organic fruit growers

Knowledge sharing is the key for bringing together organic actors, share innovative ideas and identify the best practices in organic farming. Over the past 3 years BIOFRUITNET strengthened organic fruit grower networks and evaluated and selected locally known strategies and best practices from organic farmers over 18 European countries making them easily accessible across Europe. 

Topics include strategies and solutions in pest and disease control, varieties and rootstocks, biodiversity and organic orchard management in pome, stone and citrus fruits. The projects will produce 100 practice abstracts in English and 9 different languages, 25 videos, 5 podcasts and 3 e-learning courses to give easy-to-implement practical recommendations. Many of the materials are already available free of charge on the Organic Farm Knowledge platform and project website.  

 The project’s final conference “Innovative solutions in organic fruit production”, took place online on the 2nd of March 2023. Project partners and international experts shared experience on how to strengthen networks in organic fruit growing production and efficiently disseminate the best practices to farmers and advisers. Recordings and materials are available on the project website

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