Put sustainable school meals on the EU agenda – Sign the petition  

The Buy Better Food Campaign has initiated an EU-wide petition for ‘A healthy meal for every child in every EU School’. The aim is to It invites cities and citizens to urge EU and national policy makers to implement put sustainable school meals on the menu and help realise for the implementation of the EU Farm to Fork strategy.  

Currently, not all EU schools offer lunch, which leaves children at risk of hunger during the day. Better school food would help combat poverty, improve children’s school performance and health. In short, it would help deliver the European Child Guarantee, that wants announced by EU Commission president in 2019 and designed to ensure that every EU child at risk of poverty has access to their most basic rights.  

Peter Defranceschi, who heads the food work at from ICLEI (local governments for sustainability), one of the Buy Better Food Coalition members, contributed stated ‘“The European Commission told us on several occasions that the time for inspiring them with concrete ideas was now. The #SmallPlateBigImpact Petition is about school food healthy for people and planet and about social justice. Combined with food education on healthy food habits and local food culture, your support can make change happen”’.  

As the academic year begins for many EU schools, support the ‘A healthy school meal for every child in every EU school’ petition here, in English. The petition is also available translated here in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish, Czech, and Greek. More For more information about the BBF Buy Better Food campaign, visit ICLEI’s website available here

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