Comics showing why industrial agriculture is broken

In May 2020, the EU released its Biodiversity and Farm to Fork strategies as part of the European Green Deal. These two documents can play a significant role transforming our food systems as they contain good steps to a fairer and greener future for food and farming in the EU. For example, they are setting a target of 25% organic land in Europe by 2030, and targets to reduce pesticides and antibiotics by 2030.

Citizens’ awareness is important to receive support when pressuring EU legislators to act upon issues. However, many citizens are not aware of these strategies’ existence. That is why, in May 2021, the coalition Good Food Good Farming (GFGF) initiated an awareness raising campaign on social media, informing citizens about problems in agriculture and food production and measures defined in the EU Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies in relation to these.

In three short comics, following the protagonist “Fork”, GFGF explains problems and possible solutions for issues around biodiversity, pesticides, antibiotics, and climate change.

As IFOAM Organics Europe, we took part raising awareness and published the first comic on 20 May, World Bee Day. The first comic focused on halting biodiversity loss and called both on farming and nature restoration to go hand in hand and on people to sign the European Citizens Initiative Save Bees and Farmers.

We posted comic n° 2 on 5 June, World Environment Day, informing viewers about antibiotic resistance in animal farms. The third and last comic focused on climate change and food security and was published on 21 June, Climate Change Day.

If you are interested in the initiatives of Good Food Good Farming, follow us or them on Twitter respectively at @OrganicsEurope and @GFGFActionDays and check out the hashtag #GoodFoodGoodFarming.

Good Food Good Farming awareness raising campaign

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