Developing Organic: Join our ‘Pesticide use and contamination’ project

Dear IFOAM EU members,

Today we’re launching a call to join our first ‘Developing Organic’ project on Pesticide use and contamination: ensuring a favourable environment for organic operators through EU legislative frameworks.

Pesticide use and contamination has become a major issue in the EU over the last few decades. In 2016 almost 400,000 tonnes of pesticides were sold in Europe, the majority used in the agricultural sector (Eurostat, 2018). Given the dominance of intensive agriculture that employs these substances, there is a substantial risk of contamination for farmers who do not use those substances and for the environment in general. This raises a significant problem for the organic sector, where the use of synthetic pesticides is prohibited.

In the context of a rapidly growing organic market and sector, IFOAM EU is calling for cooperation. We want to agree on a common approach of the organic sector on how to deal with findings of pesticide residues before the Commission issues the report on implementation and a possible proposal on harmonisation. This project’s goal is a better harmonisation of the legislative framework to ensure a level playing field for organic farmers, processors, traders, processors, certifiers in the EU and beyond.

If you think you could be interested in supporting this endeavour, please read the full text of our call and get in touch with us by writing to [email protected].

Do note that this proposal is available on the IFOAM EU member extranet. Are you an IFOAM EU member and you do not have access to the extranet yet? Contact [email protected].

Organic wishes,
the IFOAM EU sponsorship team

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