Do you have an initiative making Europe more organic? Share it with us and inspire others to transform food and farming systems!

Making Europe more organic has always been the European organic movement’s mission. Working towards this goal means leading change, believing in holistic approaches and thriving on interactions with other like-minded initiatives.

That is why, to achieve our ambitious and shared Vision for organic in 2030, IFOAM Organics Europe is collecting successful initiatives and projects that are transforming food and farming and can be an inspiration to other food and farming actors and policy-makers.

Are you contributing to transforming European food and farming systems? Do you have an initiative that is not older than five years and is helping bring organic on every table, improve organics further, and make the value chains more transparent and fairer?

Then submit your initiative to EUorganic2030.bio!

If your initiative is in line with our vision, we will upload it and promote it on our social media using #EUorganic2030.

Need inspiration? Have an initiative?

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