ECO-READY: Developing a European Observatory for short and long-term food and agriculture resilience strategies

The ECO-READY project aspires to identify climate-change drivers affecting food security and biodiversity across Europe. The comprehensive understanding of the EU food system vulnerabilities will enable the development of resilient scenarios, which will be further tested by a network of 10 Living Labs for a two-year period. An open call will be launched for the Living Labs selection, to ensure a fair representation of all European agro-climatic zones and the full spectrum of stakeholders. In parallel, through the use of a survey, project partners will engage policy-makers, civil society, practitioners, and consumers to identify local interests and challenges around food security, biodiversity and climate change. Then, based on the outcomes, they will deploy a set of awareness raising actions, aiming to trigger behavioural changes towards more sustainable consumption. 

Project results will enable the elaboration of both short and long-term evidence-based policy recommendations and contingency plans for assuring sustainability in times of crisis. The produced knowledge will be made available frequently and consistently through an e-platform and a mobile application, the ECO-READY Observatory

ECO-READY is an interdisciplinary project gathering 18 European partners which was launched in December 2022 for a four-year duration. The role of IFOAM Organics Europe is to engage organic stakeholders in the project, and ensure the developed and tested scenarios will provide best practice knowledge for a climate-resilient development of the organic sector.  

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON-CL6-2022 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N°101084201

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