EU Organic Day in two weeks – Join us (online) on 23/9

In two weeks, the European organic movement will have its time to shine at the EU Organic Day. Let’s use this chance to be extra visible as movement and sector. 

This news recaps key information to you: 

  • Communications package: Messages & visuals you can use 
  • Share your activities with us, we will amplify them 
  • Organising your own activities – Learn from your peers 
  • What is EU Organic Day? 

Communications package: Messages & visuals you can use  

As this is an EU-wide day, we encourage you to develop your own activities and communication, share it with your members and us and post about it using #EUOrganicDay on 23 September. If you tag us using @OrganicsEurope (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) we will make sure to share your actions.  

However, we understand everyone is busy, so this year we have, again, drafted standard messages and templates you can use. 

Translated messages 

On our member extranet > hot topics > EU Organic Day 2022Communication package, you will find a selection of celebratory messages & messages highlighting the benefits of organic. 

We translated the messages into your national languages where we had in-house capacity to translate. Please feel free to add your own translations to the file!   

As IFOAM Organics Europe, we will post regularly: 

  • One of the benefits of organic (every hour) 
  • One post with wishes from the office team  
  • Another post thanking all organic operators  
  • Live messages from the EU Organic Awards ceremony 
  • A message with our own celebration – an organic aperitivo in the afternoon 


Of course, with good messages go good visuals! To make it easy for you, we have drafted visuals in a free online tool that you can edit yourself. In the file with translated messages, you will also find translations of the text in the visuals (if we had the internal capacity to translate these). 

Translating visuals into your own language:  

  1. Create your free Canva account (or log-in if you already have one) 
  2. Go to our prepared templates  
  3. Click the text in the picture and adjust the templates to your language! Some translations are available 
  4. After you are done editing go to the top right corner and click the downwards arrow, choose PNG and pages you wish to export. Click download and you are ready to celebrate with us 
  5. BONUS: For templates #3 & #4 you are very welcome to insert your own photo. Simply drag/drop or copy/paste your image to the page. After that, you can double click to be able to adjust the position and size of the photo 

You can also use IFOAM – Organics International’s communications for the Year of Organics. We’re particularly fond of their landscape visuals and videos. Do note that translations are not available for these. 

Other items 

When the time draws near, we will also prepare a news item you can translate / adjust. On 23 September we will also send a press release (we will draft this in the week of 23 September).  
All materials are and will be updated on the member extranet > hot topics and resources > other hot topics >  EU Organic Day 2022
Don’t have access to the member extranet yet? Contact [email protected]
Questions about IFOAM Organics Europe’s communications? Contact [email protected].  

Share your activities with us, we will amplify them 
Share your initiatives 

Are you preparing your own activities? Submit it and we will: 

On 23 September, please do tag us @OrganicsEurope. We will give your initiative visibility! 

Our own activities 

On 23 September, the European Commission will hand out the first EU Organic Awards (more on our website and the Commission’s website). We will send out a press release during the afternoon.  

Moreover, we will also post about the Organic Day and Awards on our website and social media. We will heavily focus on our social media activity and hope you are there with us to make the day a success! 

Organising your own activities – Learn from your peers 

Earlier this year, we organised two member-only inspirational sessions for the EU Organic Day. You can: 

  • Have a look at the recordings  
  • Check out the overview with inspirational activities we have created 

All these items are available on our member extranet > hot topics > EU Organic Day 2022. Don’t have access to the member extranet yet? Contact [email protected]

What is EU Organic Day? 
As EU organic movement, we advocated the EU Commission to institutionalise a European Organic Day in the European Organic Action Plan published in March (see our leaflet with demands for the EU Organic Action Plan). Our efforts were successful, and the Commission liked the idea very much and will declare and celebrate “EU Organic Day” every year on 23 September.  

See you online at EU Organic Day! 

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