European Commission’s promotion policies: 157 projects submitted in 2022

The European Commission has recently published the results of its call for tenders under the 2022 edition of the promotion policies (through the voice of the European Research Executive Agency (REA)).

By 21April 2022, the Commission received 157 projects (116 SIMPLE, 41 MULTI). Applicants from 21 countries have applied for this funding.

The Commission has not published the precise breakdown yet, and it is therefore difficult to know which share of these projects are related to organic food, agriculture and farming. IFOAM Organics Europe still wants to thank and congratulate those who participated and wish them success.

As a reminder, the Commission has pledged a total of €185.9 million to promote European agri-food products. There is a special focus on campaigns in line with the ambition of the European Green Deal, such as the EU Organic Action Plan.

The REA will evaluate proposals by August 2022. In October, the European Commission will decide on the allocation of the funds, before actions start at the beginning of 2023. Have a look at the Commission’s infographic about the life cycle of promotion programmes.

For more information, read the Annual Work Programme (AWP) for 2022, discover the European Commission’s presentation on promotion policies, and the REA’s website dedicated to promotion policies.

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