How school canteens can support a healthy, just, and sustainable European food system

On 12 March, three inspiring speakers showed how school canteens can change and integrate sustainability criteria –in urban, rural and semi-urban areas. 

An NGO coalition we are part of, the Buy Better Food coalition, organised a session showing public food procurement’s power in fostering healthy, just, and sustainable European food systems at the Open Food Conference. hosted by the Belgian Presidency to. 

We heard from 3 amazing speakers, telling us about their journeys to transform school canteens:  

  • Vincent Demaison from the Dordogne region, in the South-West of France told us about a local programme ensuring 100% organic food in schools. It re-connects children to the food they eat, thanks to a circular approach and a rich network of local farmers engaging with them; 
  • Orsolya Diófási-Kovács from the city of Budapest in Hungary told us about the city’s work identifying levers to integrate sustainability in their schools’ food procurement and presented us the key points; 
  • Finally, Tamara Bruning from the Belgian city Ghent presented its ambitious strategy implementing their innovative buyer platform, allowing small-scale farmers to access the city’s public procurement.  

Peter Defranceschi of the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) linked these real-life experiences to the Buy Better Food coalition’s Manifesto for establishing minimum standards for school canteens.  

As European organic movement we are part of the coalition because sourcing organically is a way in which institutions can advance their sustainability and promote the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture and food practices.  

For more information on this issue, have a look at: 

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