IFOAM Organics Europe at carbon farming panel discussion

IFOAM Organics Europe has been invited to participate to the event “Carbon farming – New potential for farmers or Greenwashing?”. The conference was organised by the MEPs Benoit Biteau, Bas Eickhout and Martin Häusling. 

The context for this event was the proposal for a framework on carbon removal certification published by the European Commission at the end of November 2022. This legislation aims to define rules and consequently also methodologies for carbon certificates from carbon farming, such as soil organic carbon sequestration or agroforestry. The proposal is currently in the co-decision process and being discussed in the European Parliament. 

The conference on 7 February 2023 brought together policymakers, researchers, NGOs and farmers’ representatives to discuss risks and opportunities of carbon farming. The event provided an overview of the Commission’s proposal, presented local initiatives and highlighted the role that regions could play in the process. It also gave a scientific perspective on soil carbon and management practices and an analysis of carbon markets. 

Hanna Winkler, Policy Officer for Climate Change and Biodiversity, represented IFOAM Organics Europe in the debate. She stressed the importance of a holistic approach and the need to look beyond carbon into biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. Hanna furthermore highlighted that systemic approaches like organic farming and agroecology need to be promoted and incentivized in order to achieve all targets of the Green Deal and the Farm to Fork strategy. 

You can watch the full recording of the event in English here and also in German here

If you are interested in IFOAM Organics Europe’s work with regard to carbon farming, take a look at our position paper and at our reaction to the Commission’s proposal.  

Speakers of the event were:   

  • Laure Bamière, INRAE 
  • Axel Don, Thünen Institut 
  • Ana Karen Zapata, Climate Trade    
  • Ben Lilliston, IATP 
  • Martin Häusling, MEP for Greens/EFA   
  • Christian Holzleitner, Head of Unit for Land Economy and Carbon Removals, DG CLIMA  
  • Loïg Chesnais Girard, President of the Region Brittany, France 
  • Aurélie Mézière, Mayor of the French municipality Plessé 
  • Morgan Ody, La Via Campesina  
  • Hanna Winkler, IFOAM Organics Europe  
  • Benoit Biteau, MEP for Greens/EFA 
  • Bas Eickhout, MEP for Greens/EFA 

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