Launch of organic farmers subgroup on post-2027 Common Agricultural Policy

Our Interest Group of Organic Farmers (IGOF) launched its subgroup on the post-2027 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). While the current CAP only entered into force in 2023, discussions for the CAP post 2027 are in full swing in the European institutions, fuelled by geopolitical and societal events like the war in Ukraine and farmers’ protest all over Europe.

In this context, the European Commission aims to have a “package” ready by June 2024, orienting the future of EU agriculture. This include the shape of the next CAP as preparation for the next European Commission that will take up its duties in fall of 2024. Preparatory work for this is of utmost importance for Europe’s farmers who want to grow food sustainably as it will directly feed into the next CAP proposal – which the next Commission is expected to deliver in July 2025.

So, the time to make sure the next CAP encourages sustainable food and farming – including safeguards for organic farming in the proposal – is now.

European organic movement prepares its vision for the new CAP

The plenary of our Interest Group of Organic Farmers (IGOF) has launched a subgroup, gathering around 15 people who will work at technical level on a vision of the CAP post-2027. The subgroup’s work will evolve according to political priorities, so can vary depending on the period.

The sub-group will draft IFOAM Organics Europe’s position on the CAP post-2027 after which it that will be discussed in-person by the IGOF on 2-3 May in Switzerland. In the medium and long term, the sub-group will be involved in developments on the future CAP and will be consulted when EU institutions need IFOAM Organics Europe’s input.

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