Looking for a guide to run you through the new EU Organic Regulation? We’ve got you covered!

New Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 will apply from 1 January 2022. The basic regulation published in June 2018 will be accompanied by around 24 acts of secondary legislation, some of them still to be published. 

Additional acts of secondary legislation will be published in the following months and years, making reading and understanding the new EU organic regulation very challenging for organic operators and other stakeholders. 

Do you know about the impact of the new EU Organic Regulation on your daily work?


Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to run you through the new EU Organic Regulation?


Don’t worry, we are working on a guide to help our members and other operators navigate the labyrinth of the new legal framework.


The beta version of this guide will go live in a few weeks!

The guide will simplify reading the regulation by: 

  • Grouping content areas, e.g. if you are a food processor you will have all the requirements relevant to your activity in one place,
  • Making easily accessible referenced articles of other EU legislation,
  • Highlighting the main changes compared to the current regulations, and
  • Providing recommendations for the implementation of unclear requirements and/or requirements with room for interpretation. 

The objectives are: 

  1. Simplifying the reading for operators and other stakeholders, so they will not need to navigate the numerous legal acts and cross-references with difficulty 
  2. Possible harmonization of the new rules in the different Member States and Third Countries, through recommendations for implementing certain requirements which may give room for different interpretations.   

This work was made possible thanks to early commitments from these seeders: 

IFOAM Organics Europe’s members can contact [email protected] for questions on the EU Organic Regulation. Please note that we will not answer to non-members’ requests. 

For information about what you can gain from being a member, read our membership page and contact [email protected]

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