MEPs in COMAGRI made a first step to improve statistics on organic agriculture

On 12 October, the Members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (COMAGRI) adopted their report on the proposal for a Regulation on Statistics on Agricultural Inputs and Outputs (SAIO).

The results of the vote are relatively positive for the organic sector. COMAGRI’s position contains relevant proposals to improve statistics on organic farming, such as the creation of subcategories on organic agriculture for statistics on the use of plant protection products (PPPs) and on crop production (area and quantity produced). The report also proposes to collect more precise data on PPPs, meaning at least the quantities and the name of the active substances used, per type of crop, the dose of application, the date of application, and the surface area where the PPP was used. These data should also be published at meaningful level of details according to the report. Finally, agricultural MEPs voted in favour of collecting data not only on pesticides and fertilisers but also biocides and veterinary products.

What comes next?

The vote in plenary is scheduled in the week of 22 November. The Council of the EU is still working on its position, and trilogues are not expected to start before 2022.

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