New IFOAM Organics Europe position paper on carbon farming is published

In our new position paper, we highlight the need for a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to carbon farming – focussing not only on the amount of carbon stored in soils but also on biodiversity protection and the systemic transition of farming systems towards agroecology.

After the presentation of the ‘Sustainable Carbon Cycles’ communication in December 2021, we expect the European Commission to publish a legislative proposal for the certification of carbon removals by the end of 2022.

IFOAM Organics Europe has also contributed to the recent public consultation on the certification of carbon removals. It is in this context that we released our position paper, in which the European organic movement urges for a carbon farming approach that goes beyond a carbon-focused one and explains their concerns about carbon markets. Absolute emissions should be a priority and agriculture should not compensate for greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emissions from other sectors. Furthermore, first movers, such as organic farmers, who are already contributing to increased soil carbon sequestration should not be penalised by a carbon farming scheme. A multi-dimensional and systemic approach is essential to avoid greenwashing and to support a transition of our food system towards agroecology.

Organic farming should be recognized as a carbon farming practice, given its holistic approach to climate and nature.
Changing the way in which we produce food can make a big difference in mitigating climate change, can help farmers to adapt and to become more resilient, and can also contribute to biodiversity protection. Organic farming offers a systemic approach for reducing GHG and increasing soil carbon sequestration while sustaining healthy soils and protecting biodiversity. We outline the multiple benefits of organic farming for climate and biodiversity in a recent document.

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