New members-only sessions: (mis)use of regenerative & positioning organic to various political audiences

We are thrilled to announce new sessions in our  member-exclusive webinar series ‘Let’s Discuss Organic’. On 26 April we will cover regenerative agriculture and (mis)use of this farming method – originating from the organic movement – and on 8 May we will cover how to communicate organic across the political spectrum.

Regenerative agriculture and how it is (mis)used

On 26 April, 10:00-11:30 CEST, our members and Policy Manager Silvia Schmidt will explore the relationship between organic and regenerative farming and how the European organic food and farming movement is already embracing regenerative practices.

Amongst others, in this session we will explore:

  • Concerns about the misuse and inflationary use of the term “regenerative agriculture”;
  • Lack of a universally accepted scientific or legal definition;
  • Greenwashing and its implications for consumers, investments, and policy;
  • Bottlenecks to transformation of the food system towards sustainability and agroecology;
  • Importance of discerning truly regenerative efforts from misleading claims.

As our member you can register using the registration link on our member extranet.

How to communicate organic across the political spectrum

With the EU elections in June only weeks away, we are organising a timely session on how to effectively communicate about organic farming to left and right audiences using targeted language on 8 May, 10:00-11:30 CEST.

In this member-only we will:

  • Discuss agrochemical lobbies’ arguments to weaken environmental ambitions;
  • Introduce a new messaging framework and example narratives positioning organic as systemic solution to political parties across the spectrum.

As our member you can register using the registration link on our member extranet.

These sessions follow our January session Fighting greenwashing with the Green Claims Directive and March session on access to seeds and food sovereignty in organic farming. Let’s Discuss Organic will be running until June and the remaining sessions will be announced shortly. Stay tuned!

Were you unable to attend or missed a previous session? All presentations and recordings are accessible on the members’ extranet, via the pathway: extranet > hot topics & resources > other hot topics > Let’s Discuss Organic. Contact [email protected] for access rights (issues).

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