Organics Europe’s stance on Member State’s efforts to delay anti-deforestation law (EUDR)

Some EU Member States, spearheaded by Austria and endorsed by Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden, are trying to weaken the implementation of the EU anti-deforestation regulation (EUDR) and loosen requirements for EU member states.

Their justification is that the EUDR would negatively affect sustainable and small-scale agricultural and forestry practices in the EU, while third countries would only be banned from importing into the EU.

Consulted on this, our Deputy Director Eric Gall stated: “Organic farming seeks to reduce external inputs and to reconcile food production with planetary boundaries, it should certainly not be used as an excuse to weaken environmental legislation. The organic food and farming movement fully supports decisive action to prevent imported deforestation. Organic livestock production rules precisely aim to limit the number of animals per hectare to ensure it is in line with the land carrying capacity. It is right to defend extensive and small-scale food production and to avoid administrative burden for farmers, but this can be done without reducing the ambition to protect our shared environment.”

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