Our members can now provide feedback to our new internal strategy

We are working on our new internal strategy. To make sure you, our membership, have a say in this, we are launching a membership-only survey. This survey will assess the implementation of our 2016 vision and strategy (links to our member extranet) and assess the sectors’ current strategic goals and needs.

Your feedback to the survey is warmly welcomed until 30 May 2021. We expect this to take 15-30 minutes of your time.

The survey is part of the preliminary activities to inform the revision process of the IFOAM Organics Europe strategy and ensure the goals and strategies are relevant in the new political, technological and societal contexts.

Background: Our external and internal strategies

In 2015, we shared the Vision of the organic movement in Europe. This was followed by the development of a movement-wide strategy that culminated with a launch of a strategic Roadmap “Making it Happen” in 2017. The Roadmap highlighted pathways for stakeholders, policymakers and civil society to transition to sustainable food and farming. 

In parallel to our movement-wide strategy, we developed our internal strategy. Since 2016 it has been a cornerstone of all activities implemented in the annual work programmes. On top of that, we also inspired and led our members in developing their own strategies so that they contribute to transforming food and farming within their organisations and environments. 

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